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Scholarships can offer a golden opportunity for many students to earn an education abroad and encourage students, in general, to think about further studies, especially if students have a limited resource to invest in their higher studies. Global Opportunities, a leading education consultant in India helps every student to get scholarships available at various international universities. Students can acquire scholarships from renowned universities as per their academic performances.

At Global Opportunities, our counselors provide free counseling services to students related to the scholarship opportunities provided by international institutions across the globe. Students can easily talk to counselors by calling or visiting them in our office to get the proper information on various scholarships available to them.

About Sardius Scholarship

  • Sardius Technologies SCHOLARSHIP refers to any study grant or course fees discounts offered to prospective students as a part of special intake promotion.
  • Sardius Technologies will identify talented students to study in the selected courses. The selection of such students will be completely at discretion of Sardius Technologies.
  • Applicants need to apply for scholarship separately by submitting the online application form below. Students have to submit completed application form, relevant educational documents, employment letter, if any and copy of passport.
  • Shortlisted student will be informed via email or phone.


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